About us

The raw material the company started with in 1998 was foamed polystyrene (EPS), intended mainly for the construction market. With time, we increased the production and storage area and developed our machine park, which includes such machines as: industrial thermal plotters, automatic foam cutting machines and a gantry cutting and milling machine. This has enabled us to manufacture such materials as polyethylene foam (PE), polyurethane foam (PUR) and even mineral and rock wool.

At present, our products are used in many industries:
Construction - e.g. insulation of unusual places, architectural decorative elements or lost formwork, insulation lagging, wedges and counter slopes made of polystyrene foam and mineral wool,
furniture industry - e.g. furniture fillings, upholstery foams, bonell tiles, seats,
packaging - e.g. all kinds of polystyrene spacers, polyethylene spacers, fittings,
automotive - e.g. packaging, safety features,
household electronics/RTW,
We always make every effort to ensure that high quality and aesthetics are the main features of our products. At the same time, placing emphasis on quality, we conduct activities that allow us to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers. We undertake continuous development activities, because only the continuous development of our company and getting ahead of our competition guarantees us to stay on the market and gain a strategic advantage.

The primary goal of FROST Company is to introduce newer and better products to the market, for this purpose we decided to introduce the quality management system ISO 9001 in our company. This system has been functioning in our company since January 2015.
Many years of experience and constant upgrading of our staff. They result in a continuous expansion of our offer. We offer an extensive range of shapes and forms.

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