Polystyrene wedges, isoclines, styrofoam and
polystyrene lagging

FROST company in its offer also has products used in building insulations. We produce foamed polystyrene elements used for profiling the surface of flat roofs, terraces and balconies. Wedges and counter wedges are used to drain rainwater to inlets and gutters. Due to the wide variety of roof constructions, pitches are made on the basis of documentation provided by the customer. The customer receives ready-made elements, together with technical documentation that enables the assembly of slopes on site. The glued elements are polystyrene laggings, adapted to individual customer needs.

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isoclines (polystyrene triangles) laminated with roofing felt and smooth,
sloping polystyrene (roofing wedges, polystyrene wedges),
Styrofoam (polystyrene foam of varying thickness and density laminated with single or double-layer roofing felt),
warm window sills (made of polystyrene or XPS),
polystyrene lagging,
façade profiles.

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