Fittings and combs made of PE foam

Protective fittings made of polyurethane PUR and polyethylene PE foams are highly resistant to mechanical damage, e.g. highly flexible, resistant to damage, vibration damping. They perfectly protect against scratches during transport and storage. For the production of fittings and elements for packaging various types of polyethylene foams are used, such as:
closed-cell polyethylene foam PE,
closed cell polyethylene foams chemically and physically cross-linked EVA, EPDM,
polyurethane PUR foams (perfect for filling jewellery boxes).
This type of foam is used in practically all industries, from automotive, furniture to food industry. They can be used as:
corner protection,
thermal insulators for packaging,
cardboard fillings,
multifaceted fittings for packing household appliances and consumer electronics. (laptops, printers, microwaves),
filling tool cases,
foam sheets,
polyethylene combs.
On the basis of the materials received from you and the selection of appropriate technology, we will try to prepare a design of shapes or combs that will meet all the requirements for protection and rapid packaging of the finished product.

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