Insulation thermal

This is an important element in times of high energy costs. The innovative lagging product
on heat reservoirs allows maximum energy efficiency to be achieved.
We target the needs of the client and present a customised solution.

Insulating lagging - what is its function?

The main problem of the finished heat tank is the correct execution of the insulation. It is important
to be made of highly insulating materials, as this translates into 'holding' time
heat" through the buffer, and the aim is precisely to block the escape of heat.

The thermal insulation lagging we present consists of four layers:

non-woven polyester,
polyurethane foam,
All layers are bonded together. Rounded shapes can be created by
sufficient flexibility. The individual parts of the lagging, i.e. the top layer and two layers of
The sides are closed with a classic zip. Thanks to this solution
heat loss is reduced and, due to the construction of the lagging, its installation is exceptionally easy.
an easy activity.
otulina termoizolacyjna


easy to install,
high durability,
is not deformed,
customised lagging
low weight, low construction load,
no additional insulation is required,
safe for health,
thermal insulation performance does not deteriorate over time,
The components used for the lagging have highly insulating properties,
production is managed in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards,
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The customer's needs are always our priority. Each lagging is made to an individual order. We guarantee to adapt to your needs. We make every effort to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. Contact us and we will identify your needs. We will prepare a viable solution based on your suggestions. We will send you samples so that you can test the lagging.

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