Production fittings of PUR foam

We process polyurethane foam and polyethylene foam in a broad sense. Polyurethane foams Polyethylene foams are mainly used in furniture factories, upholstery shops, mattress and garden cushion manufacturers, as well as suppliers of household goods and baby and children products. Polyethylene foams are mainly used to fill and protect products in the packaging of many industries.

What we can offer?

cut sheets and plates,
conventional foams in densities from 16 to 40 kg/m³ (e.g. Type T18, T25, T30, T35,)
foam with an increased hardness index (approx. 15%),
High resilience foams in a density ranging from 25 to 40 kg/m³, HR foams,
fire-retardant foams in densities from 22 to 35 kg/m³ (FIRA approved),
Type R and CM foams,
REBOND rebound foams in densities from 50 to 240 kg/m³,
moulded and glued mattress inserts,
upholstery foam mouldings,
coffers using MINI BONNELL and BONNELL spring formats,
PU granulate.

Examples realisations

Application foams PUR

in upholstered furniture,
in mattresses,
in packages,
as a sealing and insulating material,
in the clothing industry.

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